Content Management Systems

Manage and distribute your content with ease.

Take control of your site with a powerful easy-to-use CMS

Your website is the most powerful tool you have for growing your business.

But that doesn't mean you should need a software engineering degree to manage it. Content management systems give you the power to manage your website quickly and efficiently without needing a web developer or technical skills.

"Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates about 3 times as many leads"

With a CMS you and your staff can take full control of administering your website with powerful publishing workflows, product catalogs, image galleries, blogs, microsites, forms, landing pages, news and events, job listings, course and class offerings and really any other tool or feature your business requires to grow and to satisfy and delight your customers.

With all the power and control that a CMS offers, learning and feeling comfortable working within the system is a critical component to how successfully it will get used. When implementing a new content management system you’ll want to work with someone who understands the system completely from a technical perspective, and is able to patiently explain how things works in a way that's easy-to-understand and without a bunch of technical jargon and is available for you after launch when you have a question.

Give your business the ability to respond quickly to changes in the market or customer needs. Save time, money and effort by letting you or your staff manage your content without outside help or a huge learning curve.

With the right content management system plus helpful training and guidance you’ll single-handedly build your website to its fullest potential -- fueling your business success.

CMS Development Services

Drupal CMS Development

Drupal is a powerful, secure and proven content management system, capable of handling enterprise level data requirements for e-commerce, nonprofit, government, university, and manufacturing organizations.

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Wordpress CMS Development

WordPress is easy-to-use open source content management system for blogs and marketing websites. It's fast, easy to set up easy for beginners to understand, has a huge amount of themes and designs and is great for businesses on a budget.

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Custom CMS Development

Using the Laravel web framework we'll custom develop a CMS web application specific to your business's exact requirements. For businesses with very specific logic requirements that off-the-shelf CMS capabilities can't cover. You'll get complete control over how your content is presented and how it's managed behind the scenes.

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Advantages of a content management system

Quick Easy Updates

You want to make updates to your website Quickly and easily

Focus on Content

You want to focus on content and not have to worry about design and layout requirements

Repurpose Assets

You want to be able to share content assets

Version Controlled

You want to keep and have the ability to rollback to previous versions of your content

Public/Private Pages

You want to be able to display some content to private groups that are logged into your website

Edit Remotely

You want to be able to add content to your site remotely from wherever you are and on any device using just a web browser

Repurpose Content Across Channels

You want your content to be reusable across many different marketing channels

Publishing Workflows

You want to be able to have a content workflow with reviews and approvals

Roles and Permissions

You want to have roles and permissions that allow you to determine who can view, create, edit or delete content on your site.

Schedule Content

You want to be able to schedule when content is displayed on your site and when its removed

Site Access Control

You want to be in control of your site without needing to contact an external vendor to make updates for you


You need to be able to have your content in multiple languages and you want to allow multiple editors to create or translate content on the site

Why let us help build your CMS


You’re not a designer and you know user experience is important


You’re not a developer and know it takes technical expertise to securely and efficiently install and configure a CMS


You want to make sure the site is setup properly for SEO


You want to make sure your site is secure and up-to-date


You want to make sure your site is optimized for speed


You will need some customization to meet your particular business requirements

Most importantly, you have a business to run!

Why Consider FreshJones?


We've been building Drupal, WordPress and Custom CMS applications for more than 10 years, we have the experience and capabilities to handle any business application requirements using industry standard best practices.


Everything we do begins with a strategic mindset. We're firm believers in data-driven decision making and will always bring good ideas and suggested and recommended solutions to the table for consideration.


As SEO and user experience experts we can help you develop a content strategy that will provide your users with a relevant engaging web experience and one that search engines will love.


Design in engrained into everything we do, whether is graphic design user experience or user interface design, we'll always work hard to provide you and your visitors with the best visual and functional experience.


Our in-house technical capabilities are both broad and deep. We've been building and hosting CMS systems for over 10 years, we know how to properly set up hosting environments so your CMS application runs fast and secure.

Training and Education

We believe at its most basic level business is all about one person help solve another persons problems. We always work hard to make sure your comfortable working in your CMS, we're patient and we'll help train and educate and support you through-out your project and beyond. We're always an email or phone call away and we usually respond super fast.

Data-driven and goal oriented

We strongly believe that developing a CMS thats powerful and effective as a growth building tool for your business takes effort and time. We develop a data-driven, goal-oriented mindset for all of our programs and projects and we help you analyze your data and performance indicators and use that data to make informed decisions about how we can improve and optimize our efforts incrementally and consistently improving and optimizing to get the best returns possible.

How we'll turn your website into a powerful business tool.

  • 1

    Discovery & Strategy

    No two companies are alike, so we'll get to know you, your business and the challenges and problems you face. We'll listen to things you've tried so far, what's worked and what hasn't and where we can fit in and help. We'll put together a complete plan to meet your unique challenges and goals based on your specific business needs.

  • 2

    Content Strategy

    We’ll work with you to create target personas and arrange and organize your content to provide the best user experience. As SEO and content marketing strategists, we can help determine what pages are most important to your audiences and how to best address their needs across the complete buyers journey and beyond to advocacy.

  • 3

    Design and Develop

    We’ll install setup and configure your selected CMS, install a selected theme, or custom design one for you. We’ll implement your content strategy, helping to create and/or migrate your content into the CMS, and we’ll build and install any custom functionality requirements.

  • 4

    Monitor, Test and Improve

    When your site is ready, we’ll handle all the hosting and launch details to ensure a smooth transition from your existing website to your new CMS. You will not experience any downtime, your old site will be archived and 301 redirected as necessary, analytics will be benchmarked and carried forward. From here we’ll help monitor the site, look for ways to help you improve your users experience and keep your site up-to-date and secure with any security patches or updates.

  • 5

    Training and Consultation

    With any powerful new tool, working with it can be daunting. We make it easy by providing in-person training sessions. You and your staff with be able to understand and be comfortable in the CMS system we've chosen. Have questions afterwards? No problem we’re a phone call or email away and we're always happy to help you work through a sticky situation or troubleshoot an issue.

What you'll get from a CMS

With a CMS you'll save your staff time and effort through easy and efficient content editing. You'll reduce costs by allowing your internal staff to maintain and keep your site up-to-date. You and your staff won't need to understand or learn any complicated technical skills or languages to provide your users with great digital content.

You'll get scalable system that can grow as your business does. Your CMS will be fast, secure and easy to use. Your CMS is capable to extending or being customized to match any need your business might require.

You'll get a site that your users will love, it will be fast, viewable on all devices from phones, tablets and desktop. It will be optimized for search engines and ready for you to start using using your website as a growth building machine.