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Why would I need help developing a Laravel Website

  • You have a business to run!
  • Your not a designer and care about providing a top-notch customer experience that is unique and specific to your business
  • Your not a developer and want to ensure you site is secure, fast, error-free
  • Your not sure how what is required of hosting a high-performing drupal site
  • You want to ensure your site is optimized for search engines
  • You want to ensure your website is working hard for your business and want to ensure its built with a strategic approach and that it is able to evolve and change as your business need do

Our Process

  • Discovery and Strategy

  • Information Architecture

  • Creative Design

  • Programming

  • Deployment

  • Determine

What problems will a laravel website help solve

  • Get to market faster
  • Large community of developers
  • Grows with your business
  • Easily integrates with your complex internal data
  • Publish once use anywhere - api-driven
  • Integrates with most any other service
  • Economical choice - open-source
  • Full control of site, design, experience, everything

What makes a good Laravel website?

  • Fast
  • Responsive - Mobile
  • Relevant content
  • Great user experience
  • Easy to use navigation
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Only install necessary modules
  • Strategically focused on business goals
  • Designed around target personas
  • Organized
  • Consistent design and ui
  • Accessibility
  • Search optimized
  • Voice Optimized
  • Schema
  • On Brand
  • Good typography
  • Optimized code
  • Coding standards
  • Version controlled
  • Easy to make edits
  • SSL
  • Integrated
  • Reliable
  • Engaging
  • Easy Site Search
  • Call to action easy to find
  • Easy to see and read
  • Focus on the user
  • Focus on quality
  • Keep it simple
  • Be authentic