About FreshJones

We’re a People-to-People Business

Businesses don’t talk to each other — people do.

We grow businesses, build brands and make products better by creating experiences people love.

We find inspiration all around us and bring that curiosity and energy to all of our projects. Our company is built on a love for design and technical innovation. Our starting point is always conceptual, we believe strongly in the balance of strategy and design, both of which are essential to creating relevant, innovative and authentic experiences. At the end of the day, our goal is to work with like-minded people, do great work, work that we enjoy and that helps solve problem, stay human and have fun through it all.

We make sure to get to know you and your goals so we can work together to create your best possible solution.

Get to Know us

Design, copy & code under one roof.

Your project will be built using in-house resources. We have the capabilities and resources to take your project from initial strategy through launch and beyond. If your scheduling requires a changes or you need something in a short timeline, we’re able to scale up to meet that demand.

What you'll get when you hire us.

We become an extension of your internal team – an outsourced digital marketing department there to strengthen and grow your organization. Investing in a partnership with us is similar to investing in a new employee, but the variety of skills, capabilities and experience we bring to the table is highly uncommon in a single person.

When you hire us, you’ll get a committed team of professionals that includes strategists, developers, designers and account managers who are there to answer your calls and address your concerns whenever you need them. Our team will commit to learning and understanding your organization and its affiliates.

You’ll be signing up for a results-driven partnership, aimed at creating a long-lasting, trust-based relationship. In our experience, investing in long-term marketing and sales programs as opposed to working project-by-project yields much higher return on investment, your cost of acquisition is lower and the focus is on the big picture rather than localized efforts, plus the process of building and working as a team forms great partnerships and lasting relationships.

We’re proud to say that the strong majority of our engagements have turned into long-term partnerships.

Working to make a difference

  • Enrich Lives

    Use our talents, skills and abilities to make peoples lives better, easier and more enjoyable

  • Be inspirational

    Offer guidance, support and encouragement and resource to others, be a positive role-model by showing that hard-work, determination, courage and passion can accomplish anything

  • Be human

    Offer those around us the room to be curious with no judgement blame or ridicule. Be empathetic, try and see things through other peoples eyes, listen and let others know they're heard, that you understand and that you care.

Communicators with a conscience

  • work with people to create engaging experiences
  • help people solve complex problems into simple conscientious solutions
  • always do more than what’s requested and make you feel valued, appreciated and understood

Core Values

  • Excellence over Perfection
  • Authenticity over Popularity
  • Accountability over Blame
  • Courage over Comfort
  • Transparency over Obscurity