Cloud Hosting and Management Services

Save Time, Money and Resources

Outsource your cloud hosting and management requirements.

Feel confident and secure that your digital assets are taken care. Let our dev-ops manage your web infrastructure requirements.

Rock-solid VPS hosting and software updates

VPS Hosting

Most website hosting is provided by putting many websites on a single shared server, this means your website will have limited resources, is vulnerable to issues caused by other sites and cannot be tuned for optimal performance. With VPS hosting your website gets its own resources and can be configured for your specific needs.

Managed Hosting

Managed hosting means that we will handle the technical management and updates for the server your website lives on. This ensures that your website is always backed up, running optimally, and free of bugs and viruses.

Software Updates

When you subscribe to our cloud hosting services, we'll run regular backups, perform software updates, and make sure all software components and plugins are performing optimally.

FreshJones web hosting services don't include maintenance other than software updates. If something breaks or needs to be replaced consider a web maintenance package.

Cloud management and hosting services

Our cloud management and hosting services are typically used in conjunction with our web development services, but are also offered as stand-alone services.

Linux Hosting
Configuration Management
CD/CI Pipeline
Web Server and Database Setup
SSH setup/configuration (LetsEncrypt)
Cloud Backups
AWS Elastic Beanstalk Configuration
Serverless Architecture
Cloud Search
Legacy Migrations

Not sure which solution is right for you? Give us a call we’ll help you determine the best options for your needs.

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SysOps Can Be Overwhelming

Without cloud hosting and management services you’ll need to be responsible for all the jobs that going along with hosting a website. First you’ll need to determine where/how to host your site, which service offers the best performance at the best price?

If you choose a packaged hosting service you’re forced to play by their rules, which means you may not get the performance you need or be able to have the functionality your business needs to be successful. Choosing to host with a AWS or google give you complete flexibility and control over your infrastructure, but leaves you in control of setup, configuration, updating, hardening, scaling etc. which can be overwhelming.

The big managed hosting services like Rackspace are a great option but can be quite expensive if your requirements are modest or your budget is limited. Our cloud hosting and management services can offer an alternative solution to either large-scale managed hosting or economy shared hosting.

Don't leave things up to chance

By letting us handle your hosting and management needs you get

Flexibility and scalability

easily add new storage or scale as your business need increase

Security and Peace of Mind

Software updates and security patches


Dedicated VPS tuned specifically for your business requirements and no performance hits from other tenants

Lower Costs

Save money, lower power costs, lower staffing needs, zero capital expenditures

Lets Talk Cloud Hosting

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