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Ever feel overwhelmed by all the different market channels available? Leaving you unsure of how you should spend your limited marketing dollars so that they make the most impact on your business?

"49% of organizations do not have a clearly defined digital marketing strategy"(Smart Insights, Managing Digital Marketing research report, 2017)

Wouldn’t you feel relieved knowing that you had a complete and organized plan in place that would first considered all the most important aspects of your business and then determined what the most impactful, economical and profitable methods of marketing your business were? And it did so in a way that measured and tracked ongoing results so that you could systematically improve upon your efforts over time? Wouldn’t your sales team be more successful if your marketing efforts were designed to drive high-quality convertible leads month after month?

A strategic marketing plan can ensure that your efforts begin with a complete view of your business domain and are purposefully focused on meeting your specific goals. A strategic marketing plan can help ensure your business always present its customers with a consistent voice and message with all interactions, online and off. A strategic marketing plan allows you to track and measure your progress, pivot and course-correct when necessary and keep moving forward and improving your efforts.

Having a strategic marketing plan in place will leave you with a sense of relief and confidence in knowing your in complete control over your businesses future.

What is an Integrated Marketing Plan?

At its most basic level, Integrated Marketing Communications, or IMC, as we’ll call it, means integrating all the promotional tools, so that they work together in harmony.

Promotion is one of the Ps in the marketing mix. Promotions has its own mix of communications tools.

All of these communications tools work better if they work together in harmony rather than in isolation. Their sum is greater than their parts – providing they speak consistently with one voice all the time, every time.

Strategic Services

Depending on your needs, requirements or preferences we offer expertise in the following areas

Business Consultation

Everything starts online. Turn leads into customers and customers into promoters by giving them a great online experience.

Brand Strategy

Ready to put your website to work? Lets amplify your digital and creative efforts with digital marketing services.

Information Architecture & user experience

A memorable well-designed brand is key to business success, it helps you stand out in an overcrowded marketplace.

Content Strategy & Copywriting

A memorable well-designed brand is key to business success, it helps you stand out in an overcrowded marketplace.

Marketing and Sales Alignment

A memorable well-designed brand is key to business success, it helps you stand out in an overcrowded marketplace.

Lead Generation and Lead Nurturing

A memorable well-designed brand is key to business success, it helps you stand out in an overcrowded marketplace.

Media Planning

A memorable well-designed brand is key to business success, it helps you stand out in an overcrowded marketplace.

Media Research

A memorable well-designed brand is key to business success, it helps you stand out in an overcrowded marketplace.


Not sure where to start? No problem, we can help determine the best approach for your business.

Lets Get Started

Why would I need a strategic plan?


You’re not seeing a return on your marketing efforts


You want to grow your business and want a plan to accomplish your goals


Your sales are declining and you need to turn things around


You’re launching a new product or service


You’re introducing your business to a new market or industry


Your market share is being threatened by competition

"Companies with extremely strong omnichannel customer engagement retain on average 89% of their customers, compared to 33% for companies with weak omnichannel customer engagement." (Aberdeen Group)

Digital-first not digital-only

Why we emphasize an integrated approach to marketing is because a digital alone can end up costing more and produce lower quality results.

With an integrated approach to your marketing you'll develop a better overall understanding of your customers, the channels they prefer.

By focusing on an overall picture of your customers preferred channels you'll build better awareness and affinity toward your business, this will help result in customers being more aware of your business and the services you can offer them, it helps influence their decisions at purchase time helping you to improve your overall targeting and cost of acquiring a customer as well as increasing the amount of customers and sales your marketing efforts help produce.

Our Strategic Growth Planning Process

  • 1


    No two companies are alike, so we'll get to know you, your business and the challenges and problems you face. We'll understand your business goals, your markets and industries, your competition, your brand and what makes you unique. We'll learn about your capabilities and your products and service offerings.

  • 2


    We'll take that information and we'll conduct extensive research and analysis to determine how your business is currently reflected in the market based on important criteria such as trust and authority, market potential, paid, earned and owned channels, user engagement and search engine rankings.

  • 3


    Next we'll plan a course of action for reaching your business goals. Will outline recommendations and opportunities as well as the concrete tactics and techniques we'll use to meet those objectives. We'll define key performance indicators which will use to measure our success agains and lastly we'll determine a budget and timeframe for the engagement.

  • 4


    Here we'll establish the timeline for the engagement. When specific portions of the plan will begin and when they'll be completed, who will be responsible for their completion and what operating procedures will be followed to accomplish each task.

  • 5


    This part of the plan is all about tracking and optimization. Here we'll explain how your campaigns mill be managed, how often we'll deliver project reports and at what intervals we'll get together and discuss who things are progressing. We'll monitor the defined key performance indicators and determine how well we're progressing towards accomplishing the business goals defined. And lastly we'll use that data to make informed decisions about how to optimize the current situation, making data-driven incremental improvements to your marketing system.

"Companies with a documented strategy are 538% more likely to report success than those who don’t." (CoSchedule)

What makes a great strategic plan?

A great marketing strategy is practical, its easy to follow and understand. It sets realistic goals and expectations. It defines a clear path on how to implement the tactics and techniques required to meet the objectives.

A great marketing plan is specific, it details exactly what the goals of the plan are.

Its measurable, using key performance indicators the marketing plans goals can be measured and show where improvements or optimization is necessary

Its achievable, and realistic in nature. A great marketing plan sets realistic goals and ones that can be accomplished within a specific timeframe and with the available resources your business has.

A great plan is time specific, giving people a realistic amount of time to meet the deadline. Its flexible and can easily be modified and adjusted as situations and market or customer demand changes.

A great plan outlines and defines who is responsible for what actions and who is accountable for ensuring those actions are completed and completed correctly.

"Only 6% of companies think their digital and traditional marketing integration process is completely optimized"

— (Smart Insights, Managing Digital Marketing research report, 2017)

Advantages of a strategic growth plan

Save Time and Resources

Saves time and money by focusing the right resources on the right objectives

Plan for Growth

Provides your business with direction

Security And Control

Peace of mind and a sense of complete control over your businesses future

Product/market fit

Makes sure you have a good feel for the value you are offering to your customers


Identify your strengths / weaknesses


How to position and differentiate from competitors

Quantifiable Data

Ensure marketing efforts are making a difference

Consistency Across Touch Points

Ensure a consistent message and objective across all channels


Keep track of and control expenses and budget

Focused Attention

Helps focus attention and makes decisions easier

See the Big Picture

Provides a goal / projection to meet

Better Decision-making

Determines to most appropriate tools to accomplish business goals

All marketing starts with a plan

Don't wander aimlessly without direction, or waste time and resources chasing disconnected techniques that only result in brand dilution and lost sales. Plan your marketing strategy the right way, let us help build a marketing plan that gets results and grows your business.

Lets Talk Strategic Planning

Let's get to know each other.

We'll ask you some questions and listen to your specific challenges. We'll find out what you've tried so far, what's worked for you in the past and what hasn't. Lastly we'll let you know how we might be able to help and see if you'd like to take a next step.

Would that be worth a 1/2 hour of your time?