Logo and Brand Identity

Make your business instantly recognizable

Prepare your business for success with a unique and memorable logo

"Given 15 minutes to consume content, 66% of people would rather read something beautifully designed than something plain."

Make a great first impression

An easy to recognize, relatable and memorable logo is an essential aspect of a growth-oriented business and a vital part of an integrated marketing plan.

Your logo is often the first conversation your business will have with potential customers, communicating to them the type of experience they are likely to have with your company. A well-designed logo gives your business a opportunity to make a great first impression, to highlight its best qualities and to make it easy for customers to remember the great experience they had doing business with you.

Invest in your future with a unique and memorable logo and visual identity that will make you’ll look great, put your business ahead of the rest and make the rest of your marketing efforts a snap.

"Beginning with a revitalization of our logo, FreshJones has worked with us to establish a visual identity system that clearly, consistently and effectively communicates the core values of the Great Hill brand to its key stakeholders.

They're easy to work with, they bring great ideas to the table and we know we can rely on them to deliver, even under pressure."

— Great Hill Partners

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